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Tips for organize your favorite jewelry

Jewelry does not only pieces of gold or other metals. Earrings, rings and chains are stories for the owners, memories and emotions. But organize these items are not easy sometimes. Anyway, in this article you can get some tips for better organization jewels.

Advices about organize your jewelry easy

1. Use extra space in drawers. The key is compartmentalization to prevent things mixing. In smaller drawers, put stack padded jewels. In larger drawers, you can customize storage with different types and sizes of trays, or an expandable tray. There are inserts made specifically for rings, earrings and necklaces. The inversion is minimum and you feel fine because the jewels will not are in the table anymore.

2. Take advantage of the walls. One cheap and trendy option is hanging necklaces and bracelets on a pegboard, which allows maximum flexibility for rearranging pieces or adding new ones. Or try a decorative bulletin board, with pins called T-pins to hold up the jewelry.

3. Getting rid of memories. We know this is difficult because these piece often are a special memory attached or it is valuable. If you can’t part with particular pieces, but know you’ll never wear them anymore, maybe keep them in a different space from your everyday jewels.

Other option is donate pieces you no longer want. Many charities, including Goodwill, the Salvation Army and Support our Troops, accept fine these donations. Or if you need money, this is an excellent option, but is probably you earn less than the original cost.

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